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Making your eyes open wide, large and attractive without the help of cosmetics is the dream of millions of women. That is why eyelash extensions are becoming such an increasingly popular treatment.

The advantages of this procedure are obvious; it allows you to make your eyes beautiful. There is no need for daily use of mascara, make-up, and make-up remover. Lash extensions are water resistant.

Your eyelashes will not be affected by moisture and unlike mascara, your lashes will not leave marks on your skin when water gets on them. You will remain beautiful and well-groomed in the bath, pool and on the beach.
You can also visually adjust the shape and size of your eyes with the help of extended lashes. The selection of color, length, bend, and density are based on your preferences, thanks to a wide variety of eyelashes.

We work with premium materials. They are completely safe, hypoallergenic and will not cause itching or discomfort. We are proud of the quality of our work! You can entrust us with the design of your chosen look.


In the natural method of eyelash extension, one artificial lash is glued to each natural eyelash. This method of extension incorporates the natural growth of eyelashes and the number of extended eyelashes corresponds to the natural ones.

The thickness, length and bending of the extensions allows you to achieve a new effect, adjust the shape of the eyes and visually «open» the eye. This method is ideal for clients who have thick hair but want to add length and slightly increase their volume. The look is very natural. We recommend this method for people who never had lash extensions before.

Time: 1,5 hour

Cost: $150


In the 2D method of eyelash extension, two artificial lashes are applied to each natural eyelash. Very light and thin extensions are used. The effect of increasing the number of eyelashes looks quite natural, while the extra volume looks amazing!

With the help of 2D extensions you can visually change the natural shape of the eyes and hide its flaws. For example, hanging eyelids, close-set eyes, and low corners of the eyes can all be corrected. This method is recommended for women who love a brighter image and women with thinner natural lashes.

Time: 2 hour

Cost: $180


3D volume is one of the most demanded methods of eyelash extension! In the 3D method a fan of three artificial lashes are applied to each natural eyelash. This option creates the maximum volume that can be worn in everyday life.

Slightly thinner lashes are used in compliance with the entire technology of eyelash extensions. Visually, the triple volume will create the appearance of having three times as many eyelashes. For women with a low volume of natural lashes, 3D will adjust the density to add extra volume and fluffiness.

Time: 2,5 hour

Cost: $200


Russian (Mega) volume (4-10D) is the most luxurious and extravagant extension procedure. From 4 to 10 ultra-thin artificial lashes are formed into a fan and then applied to one natural eyelash. This gives the effect of maximum density and volume without making the eyes look or feel heavier.

These lashes are incredibly fluffy and very comfortable to wear. Eyes with Russian Volume look like those of a Hollywood film star; a deep captivating look, expressive bright eyes surrounded by fluffy and seductive eyelashes.

This procedure gives you a super glamorous look with fabulous volume. Russian volume uses the thinnest lashes possible in 4 – 10D, which gives you a superstar effect!

Time: 2,5 hour

Cost: $250


Hybrid/anime lashes is a combination of two techniques: volume and individual lash extensions. Hybrlid will give a volume and length, as a result wispy, textured lash extension look.

This creates a unique, customized look that will enhance your natural beauty and give you the confidence to take on the day.

Our hybrid/anime lash set is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for an everyday, natural look or a glamorous, dramatic look for a special event , our hybrid/anime lashes can be customized to suit you needs.

Time: 2,5 hour

Cost: $230

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