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Every woman cares about her beauty and attractiveness. Being the center of attention and catching admiring glances of men is the main goal all women aspire to. But what if you do not have enough time to do makeup or decorative cosmetics every morning?

Permanent makeup is the solution.
Permanent makeup does not need to be applied in the morning or washed away at night; it is always there! The procedure allows a woman to look beautiful all the time, day or night.
With the help of this fashionable procedure you can create a unique attractive image, eliminate the natural imperfections of the face, and create a bright sophisticated style.

Permanent makeup is a method of color and shape correction of the lips and eyebrows. Without hurting your skin we can create your desired contours and colors of your lips and eyebrows. The procedure covers the upper layers of the skin, gradually lightening and completely disappearing in 2-3 years.


PERMANENT MAKEUP OF EYEBROWS is a powder technique. Eyebrow powder is a new technique in which pigment is applied to the upper layers of the skin, creating the effect of a light tint.

The technique allows you to emphasize and minimally adjust the natural shape and line of the eyebrows, simulating professional makeup with pencil or shadow. It gives you a beautiful, soft effect that looks neat and natural.

It lasts 2-3 years without having to spend time on makeup every day. This technique is extremely popular.

Time: 2,5 hour

Cost: $450


PERMANENT MAKEUP OF LIPS allows you to change the shape of the lips, give them volume if necessary, and add color.

By drawing a contour slightly higher than natural or by using several color shades, we can restore your youthful look and hide any lip defects.

In short, this procedure allows you to correct natural flaws that occur in all women’s lips.

Time: 2,5 hour

Cost: $450

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